Dallas Innovates: Corey Clark Featured as a North Texas Innovator

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With the mission of bringing purpose to play, Corey Clark is using video games to advance medicine. His company, Balanced, combines human intelligence and machine learning that allows people and computers to work together to solve problems. The company’s first product, a gaming platform called Hewmen, has been used to analyze medical imagery to locate disease and process data to help fight cancer, but what really excites Clark is what lies ahead. “We can already see how much impact Hewmen has on the ability to advance research, but where I believe we will have the most impact is when communities playing Hewmen-powered video games are an active part of the patient treatment process. Whether that is happening as part of our pilot study looking at how our games improve outcomes of children receiving chemotherapy or parsing genomic data to help doctors find the best treatments for patients, empowering communities of gamers and influencers can have real impact on people’s lives.”