HuMIn Team
Corey Clark, PhD
PhD Students
Myque Ouellette
Hongjin Yu
Jake Klinkert
Steph Buongiorno
Research Assistants
Victoria Rehfeld Smith
Brian Rust
Master Students
Former Students
Eric Miao Microsoft A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Optimize Random Forest for Computational Biology Data Classification
Yu Chen Infinity Ward Extracting AI Personality from AI Behaviors Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Psychosocial Framework
Vinson Luo BALANCED Media | Technology A Multidisciplinary Approach To Extract Learning Standard Based Educational Content From Commercial Video Games (DeCoAD Framework)
Jake Rowland Splash Damage Minecraft Resource Planning Tools With Cloud and Learning Management System Integration
Yixuan Wei Epic Games AI Emotional Memory System: Simulating Semantic Knowledge, Episodic Memory and Short-term Memory
Jake Klinkert PhD Student Artificial Psychosocial Framework for Affective Non-Player Characters
Pronay Peddiraju Enduring Games Procedural Image Generation Using Markov Chain Wave Function Collapse
Hongjin Yu PhD Student Convolutinal Kernal Optimization for Deep Neural Networks Using Constructivist Augmented Machine Learning (CAML) Methodology
Rakhil Soman iD Software Machine Learning Based Real Time Strategy AI
Michael Dale Nerve Software Utility Theory Based Multi-Agent Analysis
Kevin Nappoly Arkane Studios Player Gameplay Analysis Through Computer Vision for League of Legends
Saddha Santanaporn Survios Using Computer Vision for Data Extraction from League of Legends
Adrian Hernandez Obsidian Entertainment NPC Emotion Modeling Using the OCC Model, Five Factor Model, and Social Relations
John Nguyen Anki Adapting A Multiplayer RPG Client-Server Video Game To A Decentralized Game-Based Volunteer Computing Network
Wenzheng Huang Armature Studio Using Computer Vision to Identify Player Inputs on Street Fighter 5
Tianyi Zhao Studio Wildcard Reinforcement Learning Agent for Starcraft II Mini-Game
Drew Fulsom Nerve Software Procedural City Layout Generation Using WaveFunctionCollapse and Google Maps
Ben Gibson Gearbox Transforming Game Design Models into Domain Specific Languages using Model Driven Engineering
Ed Dearien Santa Monica Studio Adaptive Gameplay Methodology for Increasing Engagement via Analytic Driven Realtime Archetype Identification
Rukuan “Young” Yang House Pixel Games XPRIZE Auto Update System for the game Codex: Lost Words of Atlantis
Marcelo Raimbault Glip Studio Behavioral Clustering in Open World Sandbox Game TUG
Anthony Fleshner Playful Corp Fast Random Genetic Search for Large Scale RTS Combat Scenarios
Hong-Yung (Henry) Dai Robot Entertainment Story Driven Open World Sandbox Games Using Branch and Bottleneck Adaptive Questing System
Jeff Listman Gaikai (Sony) Analyzing Compression Algorithms for Use in Server Side Rendering
Raul Roa Playful Corp Automating portability analysis and performance optimization of native cross compiled with Emscripten and Native Client for the Web