Corey Clark, PhD

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering – The University of Texas at Arlington
M.S., Electrical Engineering – The University of Texas at Arlington
B.S., Electrical Engineering – The University of Texas at Arlington

Dr. Clark began his career in the US Navy as a Nuclear Electrician, where he maintained the electrical systems for Naval Nuclear Power Plant on the Nimitz Aircraft Carrier (CVN-68). After his honorable discharge from the Navy Dr. Clark pursued his BS, MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from UTA. His PhD dissertation (Simulation and Development of Nanoscale Deposition Techniques Using Kinetic Monte Carlo) focused on high performance nanoscale modeling and simulation of growth kinetics for Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of exotic materials such as Si/GaN heterogeneous super lattice structures.

Dr. Clark headed research efforts as Principal Investigator (PI) for multiple SBIR advanced research projects. He received over $1.7 million in funding from several government agencies such as Missile Defense Agency (MDA), US Army, US Navy, National Science Foundation (NSF), etc. As PI he successfully led his development team and transitioned each project from Phase I proof of concept to a Phase II commercialization effort. Dr. Clark also serves as CTO at a Dallas based game and technology company and has helped raise over $12 million in startup funding.

His research emphasis is on finding solutions to large-scale problems by combining several areas of study, such as gaming, systems biology, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence. One of his current projects utilizes immersive gameplay, crowdsourcing, dynamically distributed HTML5 computing infrastructure and machine learning to find new therapeutic treatment for cancer and other diseases. Dr. Clark’s innovative approaches to GPU acceleration and multithreading in HTML5/JavaScript environments has led to invitations to speak at top game conferences around the world.