Myque Ouellette

Myque Ouellette has been designing and creating games for over 20 years. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to learn his craft from many talented people, including industry legends Richard Garriott and Shigero Miyamoto. Myque has learned not only from the 10+ games that he shipped, but also from some games that never saw the light of day. Highlights include Ultima Online 2 at Origin, Ravenblade at Retro Studios, and a proposed King’s Quest sequel. He continues to be active in game development, including forming his own studio, MyQuest Games, focused on creating mobile games for iOS and Android.

An SMU Rotunda Outstanding Professor Award winner, Myque has served at SMU Guildhall since 2005, teaching a variety of topics including game design, level design, team game production, programming, and 2D/3D art. Myque is a lifetime learner, studying a wide variety of topics that he applies to create new and interesting player experiences. He is currently working on his PhD, with research focused on human assisted machine learning, combining computer science, art, and design to help discover new cancer treatment options. Myque strives to bring his passion for learning to his classroom, helping other devoted learners realize their dream of a career in game development.